12 January 2017

The Line in The Sand

It has come to the end.

The FiveTribe blog.

I cannot write here any longer.
I cannot write anything that does not reflect back on the tragedy of our lives.

I have come to this space so many times in the last few months to try and continue our journey, in writing, on this blog.

I. Just. Cannot.

Five-Tribe was then. And now I have to move on and figure out the now. I need to find a new space that does not home so many memories; both so very good and so very painful.

I did not expect it to be so difficult to say goodbye To A Blog.
Just another facet of loss which is so much bigger than the obvious.

Thank you to so many of you for reading, supporting and engaging with me over the years.

11 January 2017


I don't quite know how I got here.

Time simply carries you whether you are a willing passenger or not.

The kids went back to school today. After five weeks of holidays. 
It was a very challenging time and I broke down pretty regularly. 

I find this all very, very difficult.  But then again I tend to find everything difficult, which is such a pain in the ass. I used to cruise through life with momentary lapses of introspection but now I almost feel like I live there. It's revoltingly exhausting. 

My morning found me dropping the kids at school...Levi now in Gr 5 and Rach in Gr 10. Faith and I, smug in our solitude, went off to the gym to start the day on the front foot.

Much of my morning was spent catching up with Mom on the patio, a little weeding and a little waxing ..... then a meeting with my first client who wants a complete branding overhaul. A significant amount of work to be done but I am in need of a new challenge and this looks like a great job to cut my teeth on.

I have registered for online (live!) web classes that start on 6 Feb to upgrade my current social media skill set - somewhat daunting but necessary.

The afternoon was spent doing the school run, covering books, dinner shopping and finally taking a very sick kitten to the vet....biliary!!! Rather shocking but am truly grateful that Faith noticed that little Luna LoveGood was just not herself.

Home to make supper for the very hungry, tired people in the house and finally, yet another trip back to the gym with 4 of the older kids for a short, sharp run and strength workout.

A very full first day of routine. Am ready for my bed and an episode of Homeland...and possibly even Weeds if I can stay awake that long.

11 November 2016

True Grit

Today was Levi's first award ceremony as a SVPS pupil. I hate 'prize-giving' and have written many blogging rants on this subject but I was very pleased to see that this school has a unique perspective in the way they reward/encourage students.

Their curriculum and ethos flow strongly around the theme of developing GRIT in children with emphasis on the power of failing-forward, the positive power of struggle and the understanding of process versus outcome.

I sat in my seat listening to the principal and, at times, had to restrain myself from leaving my seat and high-fiving him.

I watched Levi on the stage as he sat with all his peers. He lights up when he is at school and I can only be grateful that the new path I felt best for him turned out so well. He walked away with an EQ award - I am not surprised - this boy has shown outstanding courage this year.

I am so proud of him.

Articles regarding GRIT and how important it is :



07 November 2016

Music Musings


It has always held much magic for me but never quite as intensely as the last 18months.

This weekend found me lying in the sun at a beautiful vineyard, surrounded by friends, listening to Watershed.

As I lay there I took notice of how happy I was. I took notice of the way my skin felt. I listened to my heartbeat. I touched the grass and I inhaled the scent of the man next to me. I was overwhelmed with gratitude but, in that same moment, a tinge of sadness seeped through my pores.

Sadness is not something I try to run from anymore. I find she often arrives at the most unexpected times and I have learnt to sit with her in comfortable silence. Sadness amplifies joy. She has shown me that with her I can taste life in colours I have never seen.

I let the music wash over me and smiled as the lyrics told me a story I already knew.

Tell her about today
Tel her about my stay
Tell her we better off this way
Tell her I meant to stay
I'll be back someday
But maybe not today

Tell her, tell her I'm going away
Tell her the wind will blow, on the day I go
And no-one else should know
Tell her I'll see her there, with the wind in her hair
And our angels in her hands
Tell her, tell her I'll be waiting there


Tell her, her heart is mine
I keep it with me all the time
Right beside mine.

I am no longer tortured by the duality of my life.

I love my life. I love what was. And I love what is.

And I look forward to what will be.

16 August 2016


It has been almost 2 months since my last post. I do not have anything to say that I want to keep for posterity.

I decided to open a Tumblr account. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that I had had the same idea four years ago.

I only posted twice.


"Start by doing what's necessary, then do what's possible and then suddenly you are doing the impossible. " St Francis of Assissi.


My initial reaction was "wow".

I have since reverted to my current zone right now that goes more like "whatever".

21 June 2016


I am not going to lie.

This has been a hellish month.      And an incredible month.

That is my life. Parallel paths of heaven and hell.

The trials have been navigating all three of the kids birthdays as well as Fathers Day this month.
It has taken much of me to be okay and celebrate and hold space for my kids. But it is done.

Today I did two things just for me.

#  I signed up with a personal trainer. I need to get physically strong again. I hate looking in the mirror and seeing this gaunt, old person staring back at me. I want to be able to eat, pick up muscle and feel like my old self again. Boobs would be a bonus too.

# I have enrolled with Duke University to do a writing diploma through Coursera. This is purely for me. I have thought about going back to work and it may happen but for right now I just want to try and take care of myself in a way that brings me joy, gives me courage and delights my soul. I cannot contribute, in any capacity, until I find myself full again. Simple as that really.

I am also facing new and exciting challenges as Kev and I start the journey of blending our families. In 9 days time, we will be living under one roof. Starting a completely new chapter in our lives.

Partners and parents to six incredible little humans beings. Insane.

I will have to cook for 8 people.  This scares the shit out of me. Life has a wicked sense of humour.

I regularly sit back, in awe of my own story, how such horror and beauty have come upon me in the last 9 months. The simple act of reconciling so many paradoxical feelings is a continuous mind-fuck. The epic part of this relationship is that I have someone who can completely relate to every weird thought that rolls around my overactive brain!

This is our road. Kevin and I are committed to each other and this new life.
We face real challenges but I know me. And I know him.
We have a fire and passion for life. (and each other)
We will make this next chapter incredible.

Separately we are tough as nails but together we are even better.

Together we are unstoppable.

20 June 2016


Today was difficult. Really difficult. I struggled to make the day what it needed to be but he was gracious. He texted me now, at 9pm, to thank me for a wonderful birthday.

The boy is being kind. It sucked. But somehow the necessary boxes were ticked and he is okay.

Levi misses his dad like crazy. LIKE CRAZY.

I see it daily, I see it in little things that no-one else will notice.  I see it in his eyes every afternoon when he arrives home. I am not enough and it is revolting.

That being said, Levi is relentless in his pursuit of happiness and fulfilment. He knows that all Russ wanted for him was everything he could dream and imagine. He understands that pain and sorrow will find him regularly but that it is up to him to find healthy ways to purge and move forward.

He does this with music, sport and new friendships. He does this by taking a walk in the estate or finding a new song to learn or by practising tackle drills. Sometimes he quietly just sits in his room and cries. Brutal but necessary.

He has taken responsibility for his own counselling. He emailed the school counsellor  and asked to make an appointment. I only found out about this after the fact - I am incredibly proud of him - he navigates and sets up his own appointments,

 as and when he feels them necessary.

Though the waters are still rough I am completely at peace about his journey. He is remarkable.

I just wish it were for different reasons.

15 June 2016

Waiting For Summer

Pain of my past has harvested my heart
It has tilled the soil of my soul
Prepared me to love you
The depth of this new love, a gift;
Redemption I do not deserve

In my darkest moments, I shook my fist
Wrestled and rioted in anger

But in the end, it was not the end after all
Instead, a continued great story 
Of life, love, loss and redemption

For in the winter of change
the chill can freeze your bones
and the memory of summer
a fairytale with little meaning

but summer, she always comes
despite winters' harshest arrows

so sit by the fire
and feel the aching burn

wait for summer and when she arrives
let her melt your sorrow;
may it become one with your joy

a beautiful collage of a future uncertain
but perfectly predestined.



Rachel has always been an exceptional character.  She has  wisdom and insight beyond her years despite being madly teenager-ish. She has remained steadfast and grounded throughout the last 9 months. Unwaiveringly sure that her dad is simply elsewhere right now, living large and waiting for us to join him. She is content and starry-eyed about her future.

I have seen her biggest adjustment and loss lies in the fact that our once very tightly-knit family is now very loosely bound. Not in the ways you may imagine but simply in that my capacity is far from stellar. I still need VAST quanitities of time alone. We may all be in the same house but I am almost always in my bedroom or study. If not, I am in the kitchen or helping with logisitics.

We don't have family game nights or movie nights. We seldom do things, just the four of us. And therein lies her pain. She is a huge tradition girl and family girl. She is also a 'mommy's girl' - few would know that but she has a very strong attachment to me and she needs me to see and listen to her.

I try. I really do. I try to tick as many of these boxes that I can but ultimately I am still pretty useless. I am getting better though.

She is doing exceptionally well academically. She has started her IGCSE's (2 months ago) and wrote some mock English exams and excelled. This has really lit a fire in her and she is ready to go at her studies hard and fast. Russell always wanted her to take AS levels to finish her schooling and I think we may still be able to achieve this.

She also completed her first piano exam. She has been playing adhoc since a little girl and is very talented but for some reason we never thought to put her through the grade exams. This year she decided she wants to do just that. We await her results but are optimistic of flying colours.

She has finally asked to sing again. She stopped almost immediately when Russ became ill. I havent heard her since then and this truly broke my heart. A few weeks back she came to ask me if I could please arrange vocal lessons again.

Our (my) biggest decision with Rach is whether to send her back to fulltime schooling next year - she has been accepted to a great local high school (which offers an IEB matric) or whether to let her continue part time where she is and complete her Cambridge AS levels there instead. We are both betwixt and between and each week sees us waivering back and forth.

Am trusting for clarity as the year progresses.

At this juncture I am happy that Rach is in a good, stable place but we are both aware that her control/anger issues can flare up at times. Normal. It is okay, however we have agreed that should it become worse as we face future changes she will seek help in managing these feelings.

14 June 2016


I have decided to feedback on each kid individually.

Helps me to focus my scattered brain and makes reading it less tedious.

Bullet points are going to be my best friend in the next few posts.

  1. Faith has persevered bravely with treatment for Osgood Schlatters that threatened to keep her from dancing for 3 years. In fact, she is back at tap and is hoping to start modern again next term. Pretty damn miraculous. I have to thank our incredible physio, who like me, refused to lie down and allow this to debilitate Faith for years to come. 
  2. Faith has almost completed her therapy and I will be meeting with her therapist soon for feedback. From my conversations with her I see real healing even though the pain persists but she is not afraid to feel and deal. 
  3. Faith is working with a tutor twice a week - more to free me up from the responsibility of marking and keeping track. She works independently on the other days of the week doing the work assigned by her tutor. She is feeling confident and challenged in her education.
  4. Faith has changed dramatically - mostly I see this as a good thing but at times my heart is broken. My naive, sensitive child has been brutally broken and in her restoration she has put up fierce walls, she has a cynism that is uncharacteristic and a profound sadness that shadows even her happiest days. I  know all of this will settle and change a hundred times in her lifetime but right now, as her mom, it hurts me deeply.

Conversation today:

Me : Instead of cards for Fathers Day we can each make a scrapbook page for dads' album okay?
 I will print out photos for each of you.

Faith: Why can't I choose the photo I want to use?

Me: I don't want you to have to go through hundreds of photos to find one - when I do that I kind of stuffs me up for days. The memories, you know?

Faith : Oh for goodness sake Mom, we aren't babies. 
We are all old enough and tough enough to deal with this now. 

Maybe I should be proud of her. 

But I am just sad.

Suffice to say, Faith is attempting to move on and find her stride.

25 May 2016

Nine Months

I woke up feeling extremely strange. I felt anxious and outside of my own reality. Stuff was happening around me; I was driving, talking and engaging but I was not present. I was almost in the third person.

I came home and considered taking a tranquliser which is not something I do; all the while trying to nail down WHY I was feeling this way. 

And then my phone rang and as I reached for it I noticed the date.

25 May 2016

And then I realised that my soul knew before my brain did. 

Nine months ago today I was coming home from hospice to tell my children their dad had died. 

Unthinkable. Horrific. The flashback hit me so hard. All of it. All at once.

The sound of Faith's scream when she saw my car pull up.
The image of Levi's crumpled frame on the couch.
The dark look of utter despair in Rachel's eyes as she reached for me.

I felt that I may scream and never stop. So I held my breath. I may even have silently prayed that I didn't lose my mind; that the images would just stop.

Your body knows. The soul tie is a real thing. It is not just a meme.

I did not need the tranquiliser. I understood why I was feeling weird; decided to ride it out, feel it and walk alongside it. 

I called my mom. I went to my favourite places, found quiet spaces. I wrote, I ran. I drank coffee. 

It was a good day.

24 May 2016

The Invitation

Please read this post first if you haven't already. This is almost a 'Part Two' .... nine months later.


“I don't hold to the idea that God causes suffering and crisis. I just know that those things come along and God uses them. We think life should be a nice, clean ascending line. But inevitably something wanders onto the scene and creates havoc with the nice way we've arranged life to fall in place.” 
Sue Monk Kidd (When the Heart Waits)

I live my life now with an urgency and a passion that few possess. It has always been in me. It has simply been awakened and stoked. It will never be put out again.

Russell's death was my invitation to life. 

My deepest regret is that it took me losing him to understand what it means to live.

Do not make the same mistake.

25 April 2016

Forever is Forever

does not seem
too far away.

Sometimes it is
after we lose someone
when we learn 
to love.

Where hope,
and dreams greet,
and everything is perfect
the way
it was meant to be.

So hear me,
soon enough
we will meet again

I will carry your soul
in my heart.

The same heart you 
helped me build.


18 April 2016

The Climb

This weekend saw me running the Jonkershoek Mountain Challenge. Yes, another trail run but this race was different from all the rest. Obviously it is the longest and most challenging run I have ever completed but, from the day I signed up, I knew this race was going to be far more than the obvious.

There were many obstacles thrown up the week before race-day. Kevin picked up a knee injury,  I picked up an infection and on the night before the race unusual circumstances had me awake and upset until well after midnight....then to top it off, I woke up on race morning with swollen glands and a fiery throat.

Ridiculous opposition which simply made me more determined. We were going to run. Period.

Kevin taped his knee, we took copious quantities of varying (legal)  drugs and Sunday morning found us on the road to Stellenbosch at 0630.

The race was brutal, gruelling and painful at times. It was also magical, awe-inspiring and breathtaking.

The uphill climb was unending; it almost destroyed me until I remembered that looking up at how far you have to go is never, ever helpful. Simply keep looking straight ahead and find a safe place to plant your feet.

Keep moving. Keep breathing.

Very much like life. Beautiful and terrible.

Kylie and Russell showed up for us on that mountain on this exceptional day. We both had intensely personal experiences that left us with no doubt that our beautiful people continue to cheer us on as we pursue all that life has for us in this new season.

04 April 2016

The Layers of Loss

Easter weekend I hit wobble. In the midst of so much joy the darkness found a crack and slithered in regardless.
My 'flight mode' kicked in and I took off, unannounced, into the Mcgregor mountains with little regard for anyone else's feelings or concerns. Part of me knew it was wrong. That same part didn't care.

I took flack for it. My family and those closest to me shat me out. I defended myself; knowing full well they would never understand the gravity and relentless compulsion that causes me to flee on these rare occasions.

I resisted the urge to SCREAM and tell them to be grateful that I fucking well came back at all.

Yes. I still swear.
Yes. I am still angry.

I recently had coffee with someone who has walked my road and is a kickass friend who helps me unravel my shit. She gets it. I am so grateful to be able to go and bleed over a cup of coffee with her....and walk out lighter.
It saves me. And it saves many who love me ---- that they dont have to witness the inner workings of my occasionally tortured soul. (can you imagine??!!)

The layers of loss.

That is what I am experiencing.

Russell died.

Fucked up and awful and unimaginably revolting.
But so much else died with him and that is only realised as time moves on.

Tomorrow Levi goes back to formal schooling. While those around us are excited and proud of me for making this 'bold move' and 'doing the right thing' for my boy...all I feel is yet another death.

The death of the plan; the death of the dreams we had as a family. They were amazing and awesome and we worked hard to achieve them. But they are dead. They are void. They are gone.

Levi going back to school is the right thing but it still represents yet another huge loss for me.