29 August 2011

Bulleted Monday

Do you ever have those days where you stare at your screen, knowing you have so much to say but then realise that your blog is just NOT the place to share that stuff? I wish I could drag some of you into a corner and whisper in your ear. There is such a lot going on - sad things, happy things, tragic things and exciting things.

Bullets will have to suffice for this monday:

  • it is show week in our home. A Kidsummer Nights Dream premiers this week with a matinee on Wednesday and an evening show on Thursday. Honey has been working hard as the lead and is extremely excited. Young Lulu is also thrilled to be part of the action as one of the main faeries!
  • because of all the concert-hype (and having grandpa staying here)  Lulu has been more fragile of late. she is moody and flies off the handle and overreacts to small things. it can be treacherous navigating her at the moment. I look forward to normality but at least I understand why she is behaving erratically.
  • My father-in-law is with us for the week, we timed his visit so he could see the show. Unfortunately he and my guy have both succumbed to the flu .... but at this stage it doesnt seem too bad. Hoping a day or 2 of rest will find them well again.
  • I did my longest trail run (8km)  on Saturday morning with some friends. It was phenomenal. We ran up to Elephants Eye in Silvermine, hitting all the hotspots along the way - waterfalls etc. It was truly a remarkable experience and the social aspect of it was amazing.
  • Only 6wks until I flit off to visit Clare in the UK - my anxiety about leaving my kids is slowly being overtaken by excitement at the thought of a week away with my man and good friends IN LONDON BABEEEEE!
  • Am off to do the visa thing tomorrow morning. Bleh, i hate any red tape stuff but its gotta be done - am not anticipating any hitches. Just a schlepp and a droog way to spend a morning.
  • I cut my hair on Friday. I honestly am not sure if I like it or not. I dont hate it. It is still long but I have a fringe. I think I look a bit odd but I guess its just a matter of getting used to it. 
Right, off to take kids to swimming...usually DH takes them on a Monday evening and I revel in an hours stillness but as he is still prone I am filling his shoes!

24 August 2011


Before you call the parenting police I think you should know I didnt make them do it. I swear I am not taking out my fitness frustrations on my offspring okay?

Honey begged me to put her through a crossfit / bootcamp circuit and before long all three of them were hoofing it around the garden having the time of their lives.

I, of course, sat on a chair in the sun yelling commands and counting. Ah, the good life of a personal trainer! ;-)

22 August 2011

Magic of Childhood

On Saturday my girls spent hours, literally, making their own fairy garden in the yard. They discovered that a little hedge type thing I planted four years ago (that is clearly stunted) makes a PERFECT magic faraway tree.

This was all started by my mom who bought little faeries and put them in her potplants for my kids. (or herself, not quite sure!)

Honey has read the Enid Blyton series and Lulu is about to start it soon - cannot wait to relive the magic with her - possibly my last chance to read the series as I am pretty sure Hooli aint a Faraway Tree type of lad.

Got to Believe It

19 August 2011

About Turn

Some of you may know that I had a rather unpleasant experience at the gym this week. I wont go into details - suffice to say I did some of that *introspective* stuff that I do occasionally and have decided to adopt a new approach to my training.

I think its best described with pictures....

No more of this:

But keeping this in mind.  :-)

Am looking forward to a new season of training - the kind where I manage to breathe, walk, speak and NOT see stars for hours afterwards.

18 August 2011

Jealous Mom?

I have a confession to make.

I am totally jealous of my mans relationship with my boy. Things have totally changed....I am primary care-giver. Toter of skateboards, giver of sustenance and finder of socks. Beyond that Dad is King.

Recently Hooli asked me to please print a picture of him and his dad and put it in a frame for him. His reasoning was that *in case* dad died or something he felt it would be a good idea to have this picture.

It took everything in me NOT to say : AND ME?? Your doting mother?

This is a very tongue-in-cheek post but I do feel a sense of loss as I watch my boy adoration and obsession with his father. I do know this is totally natural and am eternally grateful for my man who is so involved!


PS  while lying with Hooli last night he did throw me a bone though... 'mom, even when I am mad at you I still love you okay?'  :-)  I'll take that and stow it with my heart-treasures.

17 August 2011

Silent Tears

As I was rushing around putting kids to bed my tween, Honey, beckoned to me.

'Come here Mom, I need to talk to you.'

Something in her tone slowed me down and forced me to take a breath and follow her into her bedroom.

As I looked at my beautiful daughter, growing up so fast I heard these words tumble out of her mouth:

'Mom, I hate my face. I am ugly'.

I cannot tell you how unprepared I was for this statement. And yet, in an instant, I remembered this time in my life; when I looked in the mirror and didnt like what I saw.

I listened quietly as she went through each of her stunning features and told me what she saw. I know there is little I can say with objectivity as her mother. She wont believe me just as I didnt believe my mother.

I am happy to say when she woke up this morning she was her usual cheerful self. Full of beans, energy and confidence. Not a glimmer of the sad, insecure little person I saw the previous evening.
I will have to start anticipating these *radical* swings of emotion. I just pray for the wisdom in each moment to find the words.

16 August 2011

I blame my parents

I totally blame my parents for my complete lack of interest in anything *kitchen-esque*.

It all became clear when I saw this on pin interest. Clearly if they had bestowed such loveliness on my 5yr old self the world (or at least my kitchen) would have been a happier place.  ;-)

Pretty awesome huh? Makes me wanna play!

15 August 2011

Simple Joys = Mild Panic

"Mom, can I go outside and ride? Pleeeeeease?"

"Um? (trying to think of reasons why not). Er.Hmm. Okay."

Why, you ask, am I so hesitant to let my son go and ride his bike? Why do his sisters regularly refuse to ride with him ?  (or lay down rules) Why do I daily regret the moment he learnt to ride?

The answer is simple. He is a freaking maniac. That simple request (to ride his bike) consumes me with fear in an instant.

Riding means:

Pushing his bike up the hill and around the corner. 
Then PEDALLING as fast as possible down the same hill, around the hairpin bend and then attempting to WHEELIE over the speed bumps.

My shattered nerves. Literally.

Cant he just watch tv. Like forever?

14 August 2011

It is that time of year again...

The time when I decide to go private with my blog...those of you who have been reading me for years will know that I do this on a semi regular basis....this time may well be permanent though!

I have noticed more recently that I am editing myself and not sharing stuff about the life of my family because I know this blog is public and has a fair readership; many of whom are unknown to me. My kids are growing up, particularly Honey, and there are sensitive things I would love to share with my blog pals without feeling like I am exposing those closest to me.

I will obviously take my regulars with me to my new private space but if you are one of my silent friends kindly drop me an email on melodybinos@gmail.com if you would like to continue this journey with the Tribe. :-)

11 August 2011

Parentals and Siblings

On Womens Day I went and had breakfast with my parents and my siblings. Just us. No spouses, no children, no grandparents. Just the 6 of us. Cannot remember when last it was just the 6 of us around a table. I think it may have been in the days of when my youngest boet and I still used to hide our peas under the gem squash shell.

It was pretty cool really. I have an amazing family. We are thick as thieves. That is not to say we dont have FALL DOWN DISAGREEMENTS, trust me, we do! Thankfully they are usually rather explosive but resolved within days.

This is us. I am third in the ranking. Its a weird place to be in birth order...books dont cover that really. I am not first, middle or last. :-)

What is your family relationship like?

Go here to read Allies (my mom) post about the breakfast.

10 August 2011

Corporal Punishment?

All the carnage happening in London has sparked fiery debate around how the youth are out of control and how discipline is non existent and disrepect is viral.

Yes, I agree with it all but the call for corporate punishment to be re-instated in schools is so NOT the answer in my humble opinion.

Teachers are not responsible for raising respectful, polite and well-balanced kids. The parent are responsible for this. End of story.

Corporal punishment doesnt work. Just like handing out hidings on a regular basis at home doesnt work. Kids need to care. They need to be given a reason and a motivation to care. About themselves, their futures and those of the people around them.

I would be seriously hacked off if anybody hit my kids. I dont condone that and am glad it has been banned. I remember a particular teacher taking a dislike to a mate of mine at school and he got jacked at least once a week, just because. Its not on.

Teachers need to communicate with the parents. (and most do) PARENTS NEED TO TAKE ACTION. The problem, as I see it, is a breakdown in family values and strong family units.

Please note that this post was written 'off the cuff' in about 5 minutes before I fly out the door....sparked by a conversation on Cape Talk!!

What are your thoughts on this issue?   (please note I am not wanting to spark a discussion on the London issue here okay?)

09 August 2011

Online Thrift Swap - Round 1

I recently stumbled upon what I think is an awesome idea....apparently it all started with Exmi but I found out about it over at Gina's place.

Basically we all have things in our cupboards that we dont wear anymore or things that still have tags on them, you know the ones, the ‘must have’ sale item that you never wear, the jersey you bought and only wore once, the shoes that looked so amazing but, well, you never ever wear them!

You may not want those items anymore but someone else might. So I do present to you my introductory items! Ideally I am keen to swap items but if you dont have anything to swop you can make me an offer!

 1. Jay-Jays little flippy tiered skirt. Very cute but I may be over the acceptable age limit to be prancing around in this. Size 10. Sits on hips.

2. Mr Price - very cute little dress or can be worn over leggings etc. Made of soft stretch material. I love this but its a bit tight across my chest area so I tend to walk hunched over....not a good look! Size Medium

 3. Mr Price batwing cardi. I LOVE this but it simply drowns me. Its a size SMALL but seriously its quite roomy. I would put this at a large 36/38. Its lovely and soft and very flattering.

4. Sketchers slip-ons. Brand new. A gift from my DH when he went to London. Not my vibe though. TAKEN

Play along - pop over to EXMI and let her know you are keen and lets get swapping!

05 August 2011

Back to Ol'MacDaddy

We are off to our favourite place this weekend. It has only been a month since our last visit and we have been itching to go back.  Fortunately they had a last minute winter special that we found on facebook!

These are some of the photos from our last visit to Old MacDaddys.

Each vintage airstream trailer is done is a specific theme. Ours was Bees.

The hotel is low-key but fully catered and beautifully kitted out.

Such beautiful, peaceful surroundings.

Great family time.
Leaving, determined to come back soon!

Enjoy this long lovely weekend folks!

03 August 2011

Time Out

Been a weird week. My body is at odds with itself, my runs/crossfit sessions earlier this week have been an awful slog. I had to talk myself through each and every minute of them. Not a nice feeling. I am not sick or anything but when I woke up on Monday with a fever blister I knew all was not well.

So....today I took a rest day :

  1. Went and had coffee with a mate.
  2. Enjoyed a 45min deep tissue massage to ease some stiffness.
  3. And finally off to the pharmacy for a B12 shot to wake up this body!

I routinely get B12 shots when my body begins to rebel. (once every 6-8wks) I find them to be extremely effective and only mildly uncomfortable.

I have to confess that todays shot left me in acute agony for a minute or so. I have NEVER had such a painful jab - clearly this was a b-a-a-a-d batch. The nurse said everyone has been complaining....hopefully I will get an *extra* kick from enduring that blerry burn.

Been a lovely way to spend the morning, all things considered. Off to have a quiet cup of tea before the Wednesday afternoon madness kicks off.

02 August 2011

Lunchtime Conversations

We had some interesting chats today after school. We like to talk about our *highs n lows* of the day - it often sparks some highly entertaining conversations or snippets.

Lulu was telling me stories about her classmates and then adds:

 "and J is also quite off the hook at school Mom!" 

Hooli was recollecting some stories and then I heard him referring to a "Pitsniffer"!
Well, we are highly anti-namecalling in this house but I almost collapsed with laughter. Seriously, that has to be one for the books!

Young Honey had a few *moments* today where she engaged in some less than stellar language.
 The first infraction "I dont give a damn" resulted in Tobasco which made not a shred of difference as she appears to be immune to its bite.

Later she referred to a sibling as a Smart Arse so I decided to revert to good old washing out the mouth with soap.

I wish I could say it was a success but it was more like a comedy side-show with my rubbing down her tongue with soap; Hooli and Lulu looking on in wonder and Honey herself in fits of giggles. I have to confess it was all too much for me and I relented and joined in laughing at the ridiculousness of it all! Some things are seriously not for this millenium.

What made you laugh today?

01 August 2011

Done n Dusted

I am very pleased to say I have finally ticked off all those annoying checks one has to do when one is, um, over 25 or something....

  1. Dentist
  2. Gynae 
  3. Mammogram
  4. Dermotologist
  5. Vitality (blood pressure, glucose, cholestrol)

Anything I have missed that I should be doing?

I think I should now do some fun stuff....hmmm.... a massage would certainly not go amiss.

Are you diligent in getting all your bits checked out annually?  :-)