25 September 2012

Long Weekend Happiness

This weekend SA celebrated Heritage Day - many Saffers choose to braai but I dont really subscribe to that tradition (unless I wanted to braai anyway!).

On Saturday morning I took my little sproglets down to the REaders Warehouse to choose new books for the holidays. Yes, we have a library but I like to buy books on occasion aswell. My kids thoroughly enjoy reading and it is such a spoil to spend an hour perusing all the series on offer these days.

Levi ended up buying a box set of '10 best books for boys' which he will be flying through in the next 6months. I also bought him 3 stage 5 readers to enjoy right now....although he keeps trying to read the more difficult books and getting frustrated!!

Rachel bought the first in the Percy Jackson series aswell as a book revolving around human cloning which looks a real treat! Cant wait to read them both. Right now though she is still busy with Catching Fire (book 2 in Hunger Games trilogy).

Faith made me laugh as she became utterly distraught in the shop. She actually started to weep; in retrospect I totally understand it. She was saying to me she cant choose any new books because she has SO MANY that she hasnt read yet. (she obviously gets all Rachels hand-me-downs)

She is also horribly daunted by the thickness of some of the books i just KNOW she will love but trying to cajole her was simply not on the cards. I eventually chose a book for her....and we will read it together while on holiday later this week.

I also found some wonderful audio books for the car journey so we are all set for our road trip up to Sedgefield!

On Saturday afternoon my nieces, Ella (5) and Kate (3) came to spend the night with us - a first sleepover! It was such a joy to watch all the kids hanging out and playing together. Our role (Russ and I) is simply to feed them and make sure no-one starts a fire! Rachel manages the kids with ease and delight - they adore her.

Tadpoling near our house

Introducing them to my good friend Monkey Lunchbox
Rachel put them to bed....and when they woke at 630am she took them downstairs and made breakfast. She then hepled them each make a scrapbook page of their time with us. I ambled down around 9am to find very contented little people pottering around.

Rachel is truly gifted when it comes to caring for little people, her gentle nature and nurturing spirit shine so brightly when she is given this opportunity. It was a pleasure to watch her.

Sunday we had lunch with my boet at his new flat in town. Always a laugh and great to catch up - we played a little prank on him...gave him the new Adam Lambert CD for his birthday....knowing how he despises the man and the music. We even got him to PLAY the cd before we gave him his 'real' pressie - the kids were highly amused.

Monday was chilled - everyone pottering around doing their own thing. I malled a bit - bought most of the contents for the Santa Shoebox project. All that needs buying are the clothes and toys for each child but I want my kids to use their money and choose these items. I also found a top, little denim shorts and a beach dress for our holiday. AND I managed to squeeze in a (bad) coffee with me mum!

Toward the days end I decided I needed to move these legs and I was able to persuade another buddy to hit the pavement with me - we had a cracking run and I felt invigorated and ready to start the new week!

Holidays mean sibling sleepovers and campouts!

How was your weekend?

I will probably only blog again next week Wednesday with innumerable holiday snaps!

20 September 2012

Concerts, Shopping and Writing

I am happy to report that I am on track with my |31 Days|  writing assignment. After taking all afternoon to print, align, download, find paper etc and collating in 12x12 format I decided to forgo the scrap-style which Ali herself is using. I am simply doing mine in Word in a uniformly formatted grid style. I am actually killing 2 birds with one stone as I am able to use numerous new tricks from my Typography class! 

happy feet!

I could not resist these flipflops from Pick n Pay today - at only R20 a piece!
I live in either my trainers or flops so this is surely not a penny wasted. 

happy little people
I went to the matinee of the kids end of year play. It was completely different from the huge production put on last year. (Kidsummers Nights Dream). It was a lovely little musical - Psalty the Songbook. My kids were less than enthralled as it is quite juvenile but ultimately a lovely, feel-good production.

School closes for 2weeks tomorrow - I am hoping to find time to still run, write and be still. I have high hopes as I see my kids are well able to accommodate my needs these days. I think a little bit of structure to our time will be well received on all fronts.

18 September 2012

- 31 Days -

I have signed up to do Ali Edwards' |31 DAYS| course. I was up until midnight last night going through the tutorials and printing out the class notes.

I AM BEYOND THRILLED about this class.

It is not a scrapbooking class.

There are no embellisments required. In fact, my mom who is not a scrapper,  is joining me on this journey. It is a writing class which can be made into a scrapbook or a blog or a diary or or or. You take this and make it your own; create any type of outcome.

It is not a writing class that is going to teach you grammar or sentence construction - it is a class that is going to take you deeper into your everyday reality.

The only requirement is that you write, based on the prompts, every day for 31 days.

The methodology is sublime in its simplicity and working through my first assignment today felt like coming home.

17 September 2012

Bits and Pieces in PIctures

Tough day...he took a spill and split his chin! Both mom and patient given suckers for shock!

Early Monday morning rising to go over Xhosa...because weekends are not for studying!!

First shorts and tees of Spring - hiking and working up an actual sweat!

Too much sun and sand - the best kind of exhaustion

Late nights runs with mom!

Exploring CT with friends - Franschoek for breakfast!

Still practising walking in these before going public - I is making progress!

Praying daily for this relationship as all is seldom well in this world.

Loving my leg warmers (and pumps!) Safely stowed for next winter.

Watching this young lass blossom as well as learn some hard life lessons.

Loving exploring nature weekly with my running partner

Discovering new markets with cute clothes.

Hand me downs are simply the best - she lives in clothes that 'feel just right'

Chilling out at friends house.

The same friends house...but you wont catch madam slouching about!

Life flies by.....and we take too many pictures...and they get lost on our computers and cell phones. Many of these pictures are poor quality shot in poor light or simply not really printable BUT yet they tell me a story and take me back to a moment.

Just another great reason to blog ---- a place for your arbitary yet memorable photos!

16 September 2012

Daytripping Up the Coast

Cape Town is seriously showing off this Spring with temperatures in the upper 20's already. We (I) decided it would be a great day to head up to the West Coast National Park to see the flowers and hang out at the lagoon.

He is a real sand-lover this lad!

I love the interaction between us her

The trip proved long and hot and laborious. We had to make a few stops along the way ... and the first entry point to the Park had a queue of almost 1km of cars. We decided to head straight up to Langebaan and enter there - the drive seemed to take FOREVER and once in the Park the drive continued...

The kids were pretty impressive, all things considered, we left home at 815 and we only arrived at the lagoon at 1145! Churchaven is exquisite - we spent about 2 hours just arbing on the beach and paddling in the lagoon.

Unfortunately it was too hot (midday!!) and there is no shade...plus the masses arrived and when I have to start dodging balls I have a tendency to get grumpy. ;-)

Three little poppets bobbing around.

Follwing Mommy Duck out the water

It was a memorable day - the good parts and the not-so-good parts. I have learnt that I can be a real grouch and may need to chill a bit more but sometimes the logistics of pulling an outing like this off can be so overwhelming...and the result somewhat underwhelming. :-/

Lunch time! We finally got to use our snazzy picnic set.

Come and swim Mom! Calling me to drop the camera.

We arrived home around 330pm and promptly fell in front of the tv - all shatterooned from long drives and lots of sun. Am currently watching Revenge and absolutely LOVING it.

Finished up the evening by dragging my ass off the couch to do hill sprints in the estate...dont ask why....suffice to say a camera in the wrong hands can be very messy.

15 September 2012

An energetic Saturday

(posted from my phone!)

The day dawned crystal clear with not a breath of wind. This made bolting out of bed before 8am completely do-able for me. I waved my sleepy family goodbye to join a mate for a leisurely run through beautiful Noordhoek.

Upon my return home I felt it fitting to rid myself of any reminder of winter .... put all my summer stuff in my wardrobe.... Ah, lovely !

Around midday (cos russ was watching the shocker bok game ) we headed to Silvermine for our first hike of the season. There was much griping as it was truly blistering hot .... And the kiss havent hiked in 2mths.... But we all soldiered on!

A hop, a skip and a JUMP!
In my element - wide open quiet spaces
Guess who got an iPhone?
The dogs couldnt be happier to see Spring
My favouritist people in the world.
Pretty impressive. And the view is nice too. ;-)
Grabbing a breather in some shade.
Awed by the view of Hout Bay
Proving a point!
There was much groaning and sweating up this hill    

12 September 2012

A feel-good kind of day

Today was just one of those unexpected feel-good days.

Started with everyone getting off to school with no drama which is always feel-good in and of itself!

From drop-offs I went to park my car to do a 5km time trial as I am trying to increase my running pace in preparation for a 10km road run next month. Trail running is an almost spiritual type of zen-like awesomeness for me....but road is all about DOING IT AS FAST AS I CAN because it really kind of has no other real purpose...at least for me. There is nothing 'zen' running alongside morning traffic!!

I then popped up to my folks to shower and have breakfast with them before heading to BEAUTIFUL Kalk Bay to catch up with Jeannie. We had to pop in at Big Blue and oooh and aaah over all the divine goodies before finding good coffee and pancakes!

At around noon we shot off to Noordhoek beach as I needed to take some 'selfies' for Jeannies Project 40 album - they came out beautifully especially after she 'apped them' a little bit more!

Isnt it gorgeous?

Being in Noordhoek I simply had to take the opportunity to share Monkey Valley with her so we nipped into Thorfynns for a quick coffee and lots of laughs before heading off to fetch sproglets.

Sharing coffee and wisdom and laughs

A wonderful, rejuvenating day!

11 September 2012

Birthday Man

A Tapas dinner at Foodbarn celebrating a very special man!
We decided to head to River Cafe at Uitsig for breakfast

21 years together and we still like taking 'couple' pics!

Opening pressies before school/work
Cuddles with the birthday dad!
Rach got up early and made tea/hot choc and breakfast on a beautifully laid table.

07 September 2012

Reaping the Benefits

Living in the estate is finally paying dividends in all the ways we dreamed it would six years ago.

my triptych!

he is getting pretty adept on his blades now

note: the jackets OFF the shoulders....just like the cardi...!

madam giving instructions as she eats her mcflurry

check her go!

deciding if it worth approaching the lazy cat!

The kids can rollerblade safely in our cul-de-sac; simple things like this really make me happy.