27 December 2012

Our Breede Cruise

After a very busy few days after Christmas we decided to head out for a little outing with my sister-in-law and all the kids. A cruise along the Breede including a picnic seemed like the perfect outing to satisfy both the 4 adults and the 6 kids alike!

Love all these little humans - my kids, nieces and nephew

The weather was gorgeous but the wind was HOWLING. Unfortunately both my youngest kids have fallen prey to the infamous Cape winds and have been knocked off their feet on more than one occasion...suffice to say they were NOT KEEN on going on this flimsy boat with no sides (just tension wires). Not only that but we would have to be seated on the upper deck!

I agreed to stay on dry land with Faith and Levi....and then realised I would be totally missing out...as the boat was about to leave I scurried down with two wailing kids and jumped the rope to make it just in time!
from top left clockwise: almost missed the boat...tearful and fearful kids and finally me trying to get them up  to see over the railing and begin to ENJOY the experience! (it worked btw!)

Both kids sat on each side of me, sobbing their hearts out, convinced we were all gonna die ... as we puttered at a snails pace along the river. The howling winds ensured no food would be consumed...but eventually the dust settled and the tears abated.
Everyone (ie Faith and Levi)  begin to loosen up a tiny bit

They even got up and went to the lower deck...and I caught Faith doing the 'can-can' dance ! Ha, mom does know best sometimes!
Girls enjoying the view and the breeze

We arrived safely back, but not before our youngest niece, kate, had to relieve herself in the ice bucket!!  I am so out of practice with wee-ones that I forgot to ablute her before we left shore.

We all made it! We survived! (as Levi proclaimed as we came back to shore!)

We had a lovely picnic back on dry land and went home a happy bunch with many tales to tell.

25 December 2012

Christmas Day

Christmas was spent in Mcgregor this year although with a bit of a difference. For the first time in my life I did not have to decide with which parents to holiday~all my parents and siblings were there this year - along with Russell's dad, sister, brother in law and nephew. It was certainly a year to remember.

My dad and I 

Faith and Bruno

With the Mcgregor parentals

Early morning stories with gran and grampie

The whole shebang

Christmas 2012 with Gran and Grumpy Gramps

Russ carving and Anne doing everything else!

Kids and cousins!

I am not sure if the kids have ever had a better christmas, with all their grannies, grandpas and cousins with them for days on end (eveyone stayed in mcgregs for 3 days+) It was heartwarming to see the interactions and enjoy their jubilance.

more cousin pics

Watching some epic youtubes
The gorgeous loooooong table
early morn brekky at Pemberton with CT parentals
with my bro

My other bro and his family

Our tribe Dec 2012

(still waiting for more pics, i took very few.....will update when i receive them)

10 December 2012

Day One of Holidays!

The first day of school holidays so me rather bleak. Reason being I had two nasty chores on my agenda first thing this Monday morning.

1. Renew my drivers licence.
2. Take my car to the panelbeaters for a quote to replace the bumper.

I dropped the girls off at a friend for the morning and headed out at 9am to start the nastiness. Talk about pleasantly surprised....my drivers was renewed within 15mins. No queues, no fuss.

I even had time to pop to Readers Warehouse to shop for christmas reads before heading to the panelbeaters....which took no more than 5 minutes!!!

My Monday could not have started on a better note. I headed for home but decided to pop into the gym to swipe my card to ensure my membership stays active - I  do not see the inside of a gym very often anymore as summer is here and running is my choice of activity. I grabbed myself a cappucino to go and took a slow meander through Food Lovers before fetching the girls at noon.

We spent the afternoon finishing a few chores but mainly watching Hart of Dixie, which has fast become the 'thing' we girls do together.

We are looking forward to welcoming the men home this evening after their weekend in PE watching our Blitzbokke in the Sevens World Series.

05 December 2012

Prize Giving 2012

I cant believe prizegiving has hit us again...I have scarcely recovered from the drama of last year! ;-)

The girls did exceptionally well again this year. Both are highly motivated little achievers. Funnily enough Faith received the HUMILITY badge award this year (Rachel received it last year!).

Levi got an honorary sports award for being part of the school cricket team even though he isnt actually part of the school yet. He was very stoked - and really looking forward to being a 'real member' next year. He is already so integrated into school life via sport and his sisters that it is going to be smooth sailing into Grade 1 for him next year.

I always find prizegivings a bitter pill to swallow. I really wish schools would do away with this kind of system; recognition is great but I wrestle with the fact that kids who are gifted in 'non-conventional' or 'non-academic' spheres somehow fall through the cracks.

I find after every prize-giving I have to cheerfully do the 'woohoo' with my kids and later (when things settle) have the inevitable 'chat' about worldly recognition and remembering the reason we work/play hard is not for recognition by teachers/peers or even parents. *sigh*

I swear my kids see me coming with *that look* and I see them almost roll their eyes and say

'yes mooooooom, we know'.

Good. I am glad they know because God knows no-one is going to be handing our merit awards and accolades when they hit the real world! ;-)

(forgive me if I sound cynical, I don't mean it like that and I am very proud of the kids....but, well, ja. )