28 February 2013

Everyday Life

Some days are just crazy mad. Yesterday was one of them. 

Faith had an outing to the South African museum so my day started early. 

While the kids did their tour, my longtime friend KJ, and I decided to sneak off and do something we hadn't done in probably 5 or 6 years....we visited a scrapbooking store! KJ is a very well known designer and creates layouts for all the American mags - she had to collect a delivery of stash from a warehouse in town.

I did buy some 7G stuff for making our holiday album. Never can get enough 7G!

We had a good laugh remembering the old days when we would spend hours pouring over the delightful bits n bobs (I no longer scrap and she gets everything for free now!) It was a great time to just reconnect and enjoy some adult time. Only one person was missing....but we sent this pic to her!

After our jaunt we joined the kids at the Botanical Gardens - feeding the squirrels is always top of the list for these little people.

Faith 'cheers-ing' to the camera!

Long drive back to school. Picked up the other 2 sproggles and dashed home for half an hour - a bit of homework was done. 

The dining table has become the spot of choice for homework. (pity the loo door was open but anyyyyway, this is real life!

Then Levi off to athletics for an hour, back to fetch girls and take them to dancing. All in all a crazy busy (but  good) day. Inbetween dropping and fetching kids from activities I also managed to squeeze in a visit to my sister to collect my race number for Sunday! She is also running in the Fun Trail run, along with my niece, which is very cool. 

I walked into the house just after 5 and my man had picked dinner from FLM for us. We spent a lovely evening chilling and watching Once Upon A Time with the kids. I fell into bed just after 9 and slept, not like a baby, but like a husband!!!! ;-)

27 February 2013

Amusing Moments

This weekend past has been trying. I had many challenges to face, both externally and internally. I struggled with anger, resentment and overwhelming guilt.

But by Sunday evening the dust had settled. We took a walk on the beach and I was reminded again how fun my family can be. This photo sequence made me smile so am sharing it here to remind myself..,

The brief was for everyone to just hang together so I could get a shot with the sea in the background.

Take 1 : What is this? Separate development? C'mon guys - group up a bit!

Take Two: The boys consider joining the 'posers'.

Take Three: Levi braves it.....but OH NO YOU DON'T!

Take Four: He goes for broke...check the 'cowering pose'.

I realise this all could have gone horribly wrong if the moods had been slightly off but thankfully it was all amidst much mirth and giggles.

Who needs a perfect photo anyway?

25 February 2013

Term One Madness

There are less than 4 weeks until school breaks up and we head up the Garden Route again. I am so excited for our holiday but before I can begin to think about it.....I have to deal with a schedule that is looking rather daunting.

Projects and Orals due:

Faith 8 March
Rachel 11 March
Levi 12 March

School Outings ie Mel's Taxi Service

Faith 28 February
Rachel 8 March
Levi 14 March

I am up to my neck in assisting with research, making sure their is posterboard and all the necessities that go with making stuff. (these necessities seem to change daily by the way)

Anyyyyway, am pretty sure most of you can relate to this unfolding scenario. The upside is that time will FLY and we will be on holiday in the blink of an eye!

24 February 2013

Oak Valley Run

This morning saw us waking up at an extremely unfriendly hour to make the drive to Grabouw for the final race in the Cape Summer Trail Series.

Thankfully parking was a breeze this time!

I was not in the mood. My legs were tired from a particularly challenging run on Friday. My headspace was bleak from a horrible argument with my tween last night which led to some dramatic events. I still felt sick to my stomach and just drained.

Approaching the start; contemplating the finish. Mood not good...!
Am thankful that Russ did the series with me as without him I think I may have pulled the duvet up and gone back to sleep.

The race was the most beautiful to date. The course was comfortably challenging, undulating up and through lush forests. My legs felt awful the first 3kms but eventually I came to life and began to just LOVE every moment. These short races in the series have given me a chance to get stronger and quicker over technical terrain. I am looking forward to entering the longer courses in winter when the temperatures are cooler.

Sporting our (ugly) but well earned medals - you had to do 3/4 races to own these gems.

For now I am grateful to my SIL who gave us each 2 entries as Christmas presents...who made me promise I would USE the money to run at least two races. And I am thankful I managed to actually finish all four races with no injury, apathy, illness,bad attitudes or family dramas to stand in my way.

And a massive THANK YOU to all the family members who had our kids overnight each time so we could do the races - none of this would have happened without you!

Now to keep focused and not completely fall apart (mentally) as I prepare this week for my half marathon debut on Sunday.

21 February 2013

Camp Time

 I can scarcely believe that time has come again. February each year sees the Gr 4 - Gr 9's take off for camp. While the kids get more excited as the time approaches many of the parents begin swallowing hard.

I have come a long way since Rachel's first camp years ago - I wasn't fraught over the long bus ride and I didn't call the cell number to get updates. (teacher leaves a message every day at breks, lunch and dinner for parents which is thoughtful) I did enjoy the school's facebook page to keeping us up to date which is such a bonus. Photos are shared here and little snippets of what the kids are up to.

I did feel mildly concerned when she left as she was not 100% well. She is a stalwart and never gets ill but the day before she had a sore throat and stuffy nose. I could see in her eyes she wasnt herself but HELL WOULD FREEZE over before she would ever miss camp.

I packed panados for mornings, nose spray for days and med lemon for evenings. She was quite happy going off with her 'stash' and a cellphone knowing full well her Gramps was an hour away (in Mcgregs) and I was 2hrs away at home - both of us would be there in a flash if she became unwell.

Hugs and goodbyes.

Letting me know there are seat belts on the bus! Classic.

Suffice to say she was a-ok. She called us the first night sounding very excited about life. The next two days we received very hurried smses telling us all good and she loves us. Clearly she was just having TOO MUCH fun to be bothered to make a call but that is just as I like it!

Homework run a bit simpler minus 1 kid....relaxed and coffee in hand.

Next year Faith will be joining her on the annual school camp. It could go either way with missy....she could love it or she could loathe it. By this time you would think I would have an inkling. I do not. Nothing is predictable with this lot and frankly I like it that way.

20 February 2013

Damp Squib

That would be me. The damp squib. I am having an off-day. I do believe I will be just fine tomorrow, or maybe Friday. Soon, I am sure.

I am back home. With floors that still have unresolved issues. The fans are gone and never coming back but that is far from the end of the story.

The engineer was here yesterday to look at the house. I was out. I cannot face this thing right now and frankly we all know that if an engineer is coming to inspect your house there is going to be KAK in the land. We are waiting on his report but for now we have guys coming tomorrow to drill holes into our NEWLY PAINTED external walls to assess the extent of the damp we never knew we had.

I can tell you this without a shadow of doubt...had I known I would be going through all this I would GLADLY have lived with my flood damaged house. GLADLY. Slightly warped flooring is a small price to pay. I think I have aged dramatically in the last 6 months. I am not kidding.

I will be sure to be out tomorrow when they come to drill the holes. Russell will be here. I have gone into lock-down mode. I do not answer my phone (with unknown numbers) and I do not read emails from the insurance company (Russ is cc-ed on everything).

You may think I am being extreme but I truly need to this time to just NOT be a part of this drama anymore. I need to go about my life in denial until I am ready to face the next round of challenges.

17 February 2013

Sunday Random Photo Post

Scenes from my run
His Valentines day look!
This weekend saw not much other than mooching about. Saturday morning I went for a run and then took kids to the mall to stack up on dvds.
Just another afternoon at Casa de Mama

While they devoured their movies I finished off Homeland S2 and started Damages S1.

Love watching her tap!

All rather civilised really. I did manage to fit in a few swims and a coffee with a friend inbetween screen time.

Valentines message from my little lad.
Oh...did I mention I think I need some reading specs. Tonight, while typing up a post and texting a friend I noticed my eyes felt weird. On a whim I picked up my mom's specs and put them on - it was pretty cool. I could see so much more clearly. Looking forward to finding a pair of my own.

Not everyone is as excited about Valentines buzz!

16 February 2013

Run vs Must Run

Ten days ago, in a flash of madness, I registered for my first half marathon. I am not completely sure what drove me to this irrational decision but it is done.

A friend posted the link to the Milkwood race on my facebook wall - she was suggesting the 10km but casually threw in that there was also a 21km 'for the crazies'. 

I am the very first to admit I am hardly the spontaneous crazy type. I am, by far, the more boring, plan it, give-me-notice type which again leaves me grasping for reasons as to WHY I went and registered for the 21km within minutes of seeing the link. I don't even LIKE road running. 

I had my sights set on the Cape Point trail in November as my half debut. Then this race appeared on my radar and the terrain / route is through the most exquisite area and I decided to JUST DO IT. (thanks Nike)

Here is the kicker - by committing to my Just Do It approach I actually have to run. Often. And longer. With real intent. I have a (mental) program of what needs to happen so that I can finish this race. Let me tell you its been a bit of a mind-game because for a few days I just DID NOT want to run. At all. It was like I was setting myself up to fail. 

I sorted through my mental nonsense and decided to take the pressure off myself. I will run when I WANT to run. If I am not fit enough to do the half I will downgrade to the 10km. Once I had mentally settled this for myself guess what? 

I wanted to run! 

Early Saturday morning I crept out the house and ran for a good 90mins - my longest run to date. I felt strong and could easily have carried on for some time. I was elated, seriously, I was beyond stoked. You have to know that when I started running I could not run 1km without stopping - this has taken time and for me to see this kind of progress is huge.

I think I may have to sort my thoughts regularly when it comes to races - I have this huge dichotemy of wanting to run for fun but am also horribly competitive. I need to IMPROVE all the time otherwise I get mad; but then I get mad and I need to run to vent... so it all kind of works out in the end eh?

I know, call me crazy maybe?

15 February 2013

The One about Church

I think over the six years I have been blogging I have written about church/religion only a couple of times.

Each time I have regretted it. Each time I have ended up wanting to reach into cyberspace and gently, lovingly punch someone in the face. Very unchristian ne?

Very human is all. I do not even call myself a christian anymore. A follower of Christ maybe? The Christian brand is one I have spent years disassociating from which has caused several little blips in my former church-going years.

Many people ask me why I left the church. The truth of the matter is that I never 'joined' the church. I developed a relationship with Christ as an tween. The done thing in those day was to go to church because that is what christians did.

I always felt separate and somewhat detached from the christian culture. It felt like I was walking around in great sneakers but there was an annoying little pebble in my shoe.

After many many years of doing the church dance I became an adult and I had my first kid. I realised that I had the chance to show Rachel something completely different. I had the chance to show her what being a Christ-follower looked like...and it certainly didn't include church membership.

When she was about 18months old we stopped doing the Sunday routine. We stayed home. We hung out with other friends. We went to the beach. We slept late. We went away for weekends.

And the world didn't end. And I felt completely and uttlery at peace for the first time in my life.

Suffice to say the fall-out was significant back in those days because not many people were simply leaving church. We were gently coaxed to come back. Later we were threatened with all kinds of hideous consequences should we try to live our lives without 'church covering'. (I wont touch on that because that is another post all on its own)

Lastly the ego-stroke technique was rolled out for us : "You have such potential in God, as leaders, you could make such a difference in your community! You are missing Gods plan for your life!"

Sorry? And I have to join a church to do this? To fulfil what God plans to do in my life? Seriously, that last one nearly finished me off.

These last 10 years or so have been full of life, love, trials, victories, friendships, community and so much more - richer I have not been. God works in the lives of people who love him; and even those that dont know him. Regardless of church.

Enter 2013. Common Ground South Peninsula (CG) is born in a school hall 5 minutes from my house.
I have a conversation with Russell and we decide to visit. Neither of us are bound or bitter by past experience  and can come/go to a meeting without any sort of emotional upheaval. (altho I am a bit cynical but working on it!)

We know the people handling this church plant.  They are attempting something new - something completely NON-JUDGY and all-inclusive. There are no pre-requisites to acceptance here. Come as you are and we won't try to change you because that is NOT our job.

At least that is what I am hearing - which is a picture of Christ and christianity that resonates with me. Jesus embraced all, he didn't tell anyone to clean up their act before they could follow him. He just said Come!

As long as this culture continues to hold true I will embrace this expression of Christ in our community.

13 February 2013

The Saga Continues

Crazy but true.

I wont be moving home tomorrow. Of course not.

Absa have authorised the fans until Monday. I am grateful, don't get me wrong. Ultimately none of this is in their control. That is, the fact that our screed 'appears' to still be moist and yet in other tests it comes out bone dry.

Everyone is mystified.

Because I seem to be the driving force and the only one with an operational brain; I suggested bringing in an engineer. Voila! I get an email in reply (within minutes) saying they have decided to bring in an engineer - like it was their idea. Doh.

The truth be told I am ready to paint this floor with a moisture sealant and lay the laminate on that; that is how sure I am that this screed is ABSOLUTELY fine. Absa came back to me and said that the sealant would be for my account as this is not within the scope of the claim as if I have something to gain! I would have thought they would have been jumping for joy at seeing an end in sight to this claim; ultimately I would have been prepared to sign a waiver.

Apparently not. They would prefer to expend more cost.  At the end of the day it will benefit me greatly to be patient and hopefully get to the bottom of this. An engineer will be able to suss out exactly what is happening and we will be able to move forward with clarity from there. (oh dear God, i hope!)

When we do move back in it is going to be like moving house again! Unpacking boxes and putting furniture back in place - its going to be cause for massive celebration.

For now, at each new juncture, I have learnt that I need to allow myself to shed a few tears then man-up and move on. We are having a great stay with my folks; this time is valuable and some wonderful memories are being stored up in the banks of the kids. It is beginning to feel more like our 'other' home as oppose to a 'stop gap'.

It will be particuarly good to be with them these next few days as Russ is in Botswana for the installation of yet another Sondelier - an amazing daylight solution - at an Engen site in Gabarone.

12 February 2013

Tales of water and tooth fairies

Yesterday I decided to come home for a few hours. I turned off the fans in my studio and just pottered around my space. I tinkered on my pc.  I played with my dogs. I did some washing. I decluttered a shelf in the playroom. I picked up dog poop in the yard. I boiled an egg and made myself some tea. Just stuff that I do on any given morning.

I decided to give the folks some time-out from the busyness that is us. Not that they asked for it - they have been uber-gracious but the confines of the space for all 10 of us (Levi counts as 3) can become overwhelming. The weather was magic so I brought the kids here and let them go CR-A -ZEE in the garden. 

Below the photo sequence is as follows:

Levi suggests they play a game...he limps off and collapse around the side of 
the pool. A wounded soldier or something?
The girls have to save him or something?
But in the end MOTHER appears with her camera and asks
for a posed jump shot.
Children oblige. 
They are are wise like that.

It was such a magnificent evening that we took the kids down to the beach around 5. I decided to test my legs and went for a run. This headcold  hit me hard on Saturday but has eased so quickly and I was able to run strongly even cracking a negative split which is a first for me.

 I was boiling by the end and simply went into the sea with my girls in my gear . Felt alive and optimistic and energised for any more madness that may come my way this week.  

The peace signs are an ode to the girls...who cannot pose without cracking one

And lastly this photo just melts my heart. My rough, tough and relatively street-wise lad still believes in the tooth fairy. I think. He lost a tooth on Sunday and then searched my mom's house for the little ceramic fairies. When I came through to check on him I found him fast asleep, fairy next to him with his tooth propped on her lap. The paradoxical moment just finished me off really.

11 February 2013

Revival of my WIWT series!

A few years ago (2010) I started a post called What I Wore Today which became known to my regulars as WIWT.

These posts were mainly for retrospective purposes, to look back one day and have a giggle or to appreciate the passage of time.

After paging nostalgically though my blog books I have decided its definitely a keeper and I herewith resurrect WIWT with one of my most comfy summer looks.

Shorts, halter tee and slip slops with a twist.

The Shoes:  Edgars circa 2010 Many of you may recognize the slops ... I bought these in Oct 2010 while on. an anniversary weekend away ... I posted a pic of them and the overwhelming response was one of disgust . I cared not then, nor now! They still rank as one of my favourite pairs everrrrr.

The Shorts:  I bought these last summer at a local chinese store. I absolutely love the cut - high in the front and discreetly long in the butt area. No bum cheek hang-age for me please.

The Halter T: Given to me by Jeannes (aka FlowrsinherHair) back  in 2010. A Ginger Mary classic and one I reach for often in summer.

10 February 2013

Scenes from a weekend

Friday ended on a rare note....I decided to take my running feet for a pedicure...unlike most people I do not enjoy these. I made it very clear that she could do what was necessary BESIDES the filing part. Filing of nails, be they fingers or toes, does not happen in my world. Ever. Despite this anomaly (and much snickering from staff) my hands and feet ended up looking great. (I threw in a french mani as a reward for sticking out the pedi! ;-)

Saturday started rather abruptly when my alarm went off at 0630. Sadly it wasn't to hit a mountain trail but to head down to school to handle registration for the annual big walk. I have to say that having my game face on at 0730 on a Saturday is a S T R E T C H.....particularly when I have to handle hyper-kids and grumpy parents complaining about the weather! 

kids helping set up the tuckshop for after the walk

Suffice to say I did a stellar job of 'smiling and waving' and then heading home by 830 and straight back to bed due to the fact that I had a raging head-cold.

This was extremely inconvenient as I had not one, but TWO fortieths to attend on Saturday night; and a 15km training run planned for Sunday.

I managed to crawl out of bed and attend both fortieths for which I was very grateful -these women mean so much to me and I was determined not to miss their special celebrations. I was back in bed by 11pm and woke this morning feeling much better. Still stuffy but no longer washed out.

Jeannie's fortieth was an intimate sushi evening for her closest girlfriends - not often I am presented with a choice like this! Definitely a great plan for any future celebrations.

nom nom nom!!!

My friend Lynn, threw a mother of a party with DJ's-lights-camera-action style! This pic of my friend Christa is all blurry and crazy and wild and mad and hysterical and spontaneous and and and. It pretty much sums up the evening!

Blurry photo but captured this moment perfectly!

Sunday morning found us in a church meeting again. (Stef, you would be so proud!) My smallies went off to Kids Rock and Rachel stayed in the meeting with us which was pretty cool. She has decided to volunteer with the kids ministry (18-24mths) and it will be interesting to see how this is handled. I am staying well out of her business and she will go to the 'Involvement Desk' next week and offer her time. I just hope it all works out okay...difficult for me not to 'lay the groundwork or run interference' for her. 

Leaving church I had the most overwhelming desire for a massive steak. We  headed to the 'taste for life' Spur. Not quite sure when this so-called family eatery became so expensive but we came out of there R430 poorer!!! 2 steaks, 3 kids meals and 4 sodas. We will not be going to Spur again for a very long time. Complete and utter rip-off for very average food.

We are still staying with the folks - they are being rather awesome as we suck the life out of their usually peaceful, quiet, calm, noise-free lives (and their bandwidth!)  Had to have a bit of a giggle on Saturday morning when all 3 men ended up dressed almost identically.

Levi going through an 'anti-photo' moment

In other news...Levi lost a top tooth today. Squeamish me has been avoiding looking at his beak for days now as the tooth was dangling around and used to move at odd angles when he spoke to me! Russ nipped it out today and MAN, did it bleed! What is UP with all that blood? It's just cruelty to this parent - I had to literally cover my eyes for a good long while until I girded up my loins and let my boytjie give me a good toothless grin. 

Ouch. Hard to say goodbye to that baby boy smile.

It was time...

Eish, and its done

This is me (note my fav hoodie) . The kids are loving that I am growing my hair and they all take turns playing with it. Both Rach and Faith love to put millions of plaits in while Levi unintentionally assaults me with the brush while I try not to grimace and hurt his feelings.

braid practise

This is NOT me. (note my fav hoodie)   Rach has decided my hoodie is also her favourite hoodie. The time has come where I now need to begin to put boundaries in place around my shoes...and my clothes! 

hmmm, isnt that my top?

07 February 2013

Titles, eish

So last night I drove 2hrs (in traffic) from Noordhoek to Tygerberg so I could run for 40mins. True story. I realised as we raced to the start to make the gun that I had truly crossed over to the dark side - I go to ridiculous length to enable my running obsession.

The run was an INCREDIBLE though. I have never seen that side of the world, in fact many times I have made derogatory comments about the northern suburbs but this evening I saw it in an entirely different light. I will definitely be taking the kids to the Reserve.

The race was 6kms of pure insanity - either straight up to the peaks or vertical descents that required serious balance and nerves of steel. The 4km mark saw everyone walking as it was simply impossible to run such a challenging single track climb; even the walking had my HR sitting at 165!

Nothing glam about me in these pics!! Eish, the hair. >_<
In other news - my poor dogs are taking strain with our separation. I cannot bring them to my moms place as it is not secure. I am hesitant to kennel them as I think it will be far more stressful for them. I spend as much time at home as I can and try to take them running with me at every opportunity.

Dogs battling with the separation

This morning I popped 'over the mountain' with F to Readers Warehouse to buy birthday presents for a friend. We finished earlier than expected and managed to sneak in a visit to FLM . They had a sushi special on at the bar and I nabbed lunch for a steal....small joys. 

Sneaky sushi before school pickups!
In other news.....I have registered for my very first half marathon. A friend invited me to do the Milkwood 10km and I decided to man-up and put myself to the test....21.1km on the road will be a challenge for me as I have never done more than about 14km. Worst case I dont finish....but at least I have a goal and something else to focus on besides the SPECTACULAR disaster that is my home.

Oh...and other exciting news...I ordered my iMac today...the dream is coming true and am very excited. 

06 February 2013

Jellybeans and a Race

Yesterday was a tough day. Emotionally I just hit a wall after hearing some potentially disturbing news about our home/floors. It would seem that things may not be as simple as get moisture out and put down floors. I actually do not have capacity to talk about it right now. By Monday I will know either way and I am deciding not to fall apart. Until I need to. On Monday.

This being said I really felt that jellybeans could solve all my problems. Russell outdid himself and arrived home with none other than a gourmet box set of 'beans for me. 

Couple with these and my latest read Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mom I managed to feel vaguley human by bed time. Hopeful even.

Gourmet Jellybeans!

I did indicate to Russ that I was not sure I had what it took to race today. The race itself was not the problem; it was the logistical handstands I would have to do with kids to be able to get the start line by 7pm tonight (an hour away) 

Getting out kit ready this morning as I will have to dash in and grab it this evening.

Thankfully I woke this morning with new plans rattling around my brain as to how I could organise logistics. My niece has decided not to run tonight so she will take care of my kids! (Legend Sami saves the day!) I am excited again and looking forward to spending time alone with Russ and doing something we both love. Sunset runs through Nature Reserves are something to celebrate and that we will do!

05 February 2013

Back at Mom's

We moved back in with my folks yesterday - thankfully they are happy to have us for a week while work continues at the house. (or shall I see 'wind' continues)

Rach is staying with my sister so it feels really weird; almost like a limb is missing. It is quieter though...and I am thankful for the reprieve as it gives us both time to just breathe and reflect on how our relationship is going to progress. We certainly push each others buttons which is not only exhausting to us but to the rest of the family.

I downloaded Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother (or something like that) last night as I have been hearing echoes around this book for a week or so now. I read the first few chapters and it is intriguing to see the way people parent and observe what some deem important/appropriate. It did make me pause for a moment around the way I parent. Will keep you posted on this.

We went to church on Sunday for the first time in, I dunno, YEARS. It was interesting and not unpleasant. We are not big church people but have our reasons for this decision. I suspect we may be back(row)yardigans but apparently God can find you there aswell. My favourite part is being able to use my phone legally in church....to take notes of course! ;-)

I did a pretty epic run with a friend on Sunday evening. What started out as a 5km trot ended up being a 13.5km adventure. We were both feeling good and strong so just kept going. It broke a mental thing for me....I am a speedy short distance (5-7km) runner and I have battled so see myself going much further. My friend, F, pushed me out of my comfort zone and showed me I actually do have the kms in me. I do want to increase my mileage this year to around 30-40km/s a week.

I am spending some time this week trying to collate my photos. Getting set up at the beginning of a year really sets the tone for how things shake down as time marches forward. I used to think downloading pics from my camera was a mission...now I have to get them from all the cameras, all the phones, facebook and random ones emailed to me. Overwhelming? A little bit. I do have to begin to let go of the desire to have ALL the photos ever taken. I have been ruthless this morning and deleted many MANY photos. It felt good.

What is on your to-do list this week?

03 February 2013

That Awkward Stage

Some might remember my flirtation with hair extensions in October last year? They were a surprise for my man ... Who has been asking me to grown my hair for 10years!

To be honest I simply wasn't sure it could still look good so I decided to I forgo the mission of growing it and surprise him ... With extensions !

I lasted about a week before nearly tearing my (fake) hair out with my bare hands. I just never could get used to the feel of it however I did love the look of it and resolved to grow my own.

I am now in that heinous awkward stage with inbetween hair.. And it's just not fun (or attractive)  but I shall persevere !

Heavy fringe growing out...at home I clip it back...not pretty but practical!

02 February 2013

Silvermine Mast

Russ and I were up at sparrows to go and run in Silvermine this morning. I had arranged for a sitter to be here by 7am so we could avoid getting caught in the heat.

Our (my) aim was to happily jaunt up to the Silvermine mast .... Yes, I know it is at the top of a mountain but I somehow thought there must be a circular, contour path that takes you up in a civilised manner.

I was wrong. We ran about 1.5kms and then we rock/stairclimbed our way up for the next 45mins to get to this magnificent view. I will not lie, this was a serious challenge for me. Even walking up took some toll on this body. I had to sit and recover and also ended up with a cracker of a headache I think due to the freezing wind in my ears near the top. (it was blissfully warm lower down and freezing up top)

About 3/4 of the way up I planted my bum on a rock and declared loudly 'This is NOT FUN anymore!'. At which point my ever-loving man asked if I wanted to turn back. Am sure you can imagine my response.

Unfortunately we were not rewarded with the stellar peninsula views due to heavy mist, which was another kick in the teeth, but we made it and it was a pretty awesome feeling.

The mast came into view every so often through the mist and was happy to get this shot

Our ascent took us an hour - crazy but true. Mainly due to fatigue and the technicality of the rocks.
The descent was obviously way quicker but scary as HELL because one misstep could see you lose your face at best or DIE at worst. :-)

even my dogs were awestruck by the views on our descent as the mist cleared
Yes, not amused, but a coffee well earned!

All in all a fabulous way to spend a Saturday morning . Especially now that it is over! ;-)

01 February 2013

Randomness on a Friday

Books read recently:

  • Born To Run - Chris McDougall
  • Eat to Run - Scott Jurek
  • Reunion - Joanne Fedler

Movies seen:
  • Rise of the Guardians
I really seem to have lost my lust for movies. I would rather download or hire them. Sad but true. I will make the exception for the exceptional. Stuff like Life of Pi, Les Mis or The Hobbit.
Fact is there is so much drivel out there that sifting has become the order of the day.

Races Run:

  • Cape Summer Trail Series 1 in Elgin: Lebanon Forest

My niece, Sami, joined us for her first trail race

  •  Cape Summer Trail Series 2 in Constantia Greenbelt

Was great to have kids at the start/finish line at this race.
Race 3 is next week in TygerValley Nature Reserve; another moonlight race but this one is bound to be a beast because of the 'run straight up the mountain' factor. The ascent is about 800m which is tough for me - I am still a newbie runner and struggle with hill endurance but certainly excited about the challenge.

The House:

is still not dry. To the eye the screed looks perfect. The moisture is hidden. Readings are between 200-400 and we need to get them to 150ish. It is taking FOREVER but the readings were originally upwards of 1000 so patience is the only way to deal with this rather massive inconvenience. The fans will be reinstalled on Monday (for the 3rd time) and I do hope Absa will just flipping LEAVE them in until the readings are down. 

On the upside the external walls of our home have been painted and it looks lovely. We have also taken down our fence and finished off the yard with a gate at the bottom of the driveway - it creates so much more space without the fence.

The Kids

Levi is sport mad and loving school. He was well prepared at his preschool and has a good jump start. He is a very social little guy and has made friends easily and merged into school life without a hiccup.

Faith is a bit rattled by all the inconsistencies of our home life; or lack of a home at any given moment in time. She is prone to sudden outburst of tears at any given time. She is tending to overreact to the smallest things but overall she is managing this difficult time very well.

Rachel is well on her way to becoming a teen. She swings wildly from being 'oh so lovely' to being 'oh so horrendously horrid'.  She, too, has pendulum days. I have decided to take the path of least resistance and to just be quiet and let the chips fall where they may. Trying to make sense of the emotions of an almost-12yr old is beyond my field of expertise. As I type she has run into the Estate wailing about how unfair life is. This because I asked her to fold the laundry. Be sure she will be back in 10 minutes like nothing happened....and my laundry will be folded and life will go on.

Russell has resigned from his job. He is a SAP (not police, software) consultant and has been for 20 yrs or so. Life is interesting as we have decided to follow his passion for renewable/sustainable energy and see where it takes us. 

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I am fine. Some people drink wine. I choose to run. RunninIg is my drug of choice. Most of the time I do it because I LOVE it but sometimes I do it to survive. 
I am starting art classes on Tuesday with a friend of mine. I am terrified because I cannot draw ANYTHING. I can make a happy mess but structured art courses scare me.
I have finally found a pilates instructor that does not bore me to death. Her class challenges me beyond anything I have ever done and I look forward to Friday morning classes...hopefully these will be what keep me injury free this year.

I am now off to go eat sushi and watch Diary of a Wimpy Kid with my family. Happy weekend people!