25 April 2014

Small Change Big Impact

Today I reclaimed some of my life. That may sound dramatic considering all I did was move each of my girls into their bedrooms for school time.

I have begun to feel that my large home is becoming all too small purely because there is not one space to call my own. My studio had become the classroom. It had become littered with stuff and noise and equipment. It was not my space anymore but it had made sense to share it with the girls; I was on hand to help them out when they had questions with their work.

A year later I realize that the best solution for us all is to operate in a quite space of our own. There was initially some resistance but since the transition there is a sense of peace that has been missing for some time.

Now we have 'communal time' downstairs on the couch for reading, sharing ideas and watching clips/documentaries.

I have seen such growth in both girls over last 6 months. My biggest joy is watching their passion for English develop. Their love for language is fostered by myself, my friend Kerrin and the amazing curriculum I sourced through Love2Learn. Regular trips to the library, to find living books alongside novels, have become mandatory.

I think all parents want to raise kids who are readers; this was my aim but despite my best efforts I was never that mom who read to my kids each night. I suffered some serious guilt over this as every friend/book/article told me if I wanted kids to love reading I HAD to read to them every day.

My bet is that Rach got many more stories than Faith or Levi ever did! Truth be told I barely managed to get them all to bed without cross or irritated words when they were babes but reality is that DESPITE my shortcomings they still love to read.

14 April 2014

Weekend Headlines!

My weekend started on Friday with a fabulous long lazy brunch with one of my favourite people. Raine and I met about 13yrs ago when she was dating my older brother. They didn't last - but we did! 

We hopped around trying to find the perfect venue - River Cafe was freezing….Manukas was gone and so we ended up at Steenberg's 1682 and what an incredible venue this is.

Levi slept over at T's place with all the lads and they did boy stuff like played 'gun gun', climbed on roofs, built lego and watched Star Wars. He came home happily exhausted and slept for 3 hrs

Russ took kids to see The Lego Movie on Saturday and gave me 3 hours to myself. In my own house. There is no greater gift in the world. I managed to put together 3 basic scrap book layouts - something I have not done in over 4 years.

Saturday evening saw us (not Faith) going to Newlands to support our dire Stormers in their clash against the Waratahs. It was not fun. There was no coming back for them - 2014 sees my team at the bottom of the Super 15 log. Not fun. Especially for my little man who shed a quiet tear during half time as he realized the fate of his team.

He recovered bravely though and the evening was rescued. 

05 April 2014

Vivid Realisation

This week held moments that together made me stop in my tracks and take note.

Faith is cooking full meals. Meals with names like 'chicken fricasse' - I don't even know how to pronounce that!

I now give Rachel my credit card and a shopping list and she does my grocery shopping while I run other errands.

Levi had his first sleepover last night - it was a playdate that evolved into a sleepover. I was just required to throw kit over the gate. No hugs, kisses or backward glances.

My kids have grown up. Before my very eyes. I have journalled, scrapbooked and blogged many moments. I have lived intentionally and tried to never take the ordinary days for granted. I have done all I could to savour the years but here is the thing : they pass. Just like that.

I am eternally grateful that I took the time when they were very young to capture special moments and everyday life. This weekend we have paged through their albums. Treasures.

They have all expressed the desire that I return to my roots : paper, glue, photos and pens. Blogging can come second apparently.

Today I scrapped again. Three layouts all done. Nothing fancy because that is not what captures their hearts - it's the memories and the words. I think returning to this journal-form will be beneficial. The years have passed and I can no longer freely share online about them as I did when they were little people.

It is difficult not to look back and feel like I should have paid more attention. I should have spent more time. I should not have yelled so much. I should have laughed and played more.

I do know I did the best I could and that is enough.

I have so many more years ahead and I look forward to them in a whole new way. There is something about looking back from where you have come that simply inspires you anew for where you are going.